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Shaping Our Future Together 2017 - Talk 1 - The Throne Room of God

February 25th, 2017

Phil Colgan speaks on 'The Throne Room of God' (Revelation 4) at the Shaping Our Future Together weekend in February 2017.


  • The wonderful but scary book of Revelation
  • A vision of the throne room of God (v1-5)
    • The one seated on the throne
    • 24 thrones and elders
    • Thunder and lightning
    • Seven fiery torches
    • A sea of glass
  • The four beasts glorify God for who he is (v6-8)
    • God is holy
    • God is the almighty
      • Sovereign
      • Omnipotent
      • Omniscient
    • God is eternal
      • Unchanging
      • Malachi 3:6 - I, the Lord, do not change.
      • James 1:17 - He does not change like shifting shadows.
  • The 24 elders glorify God for what he has done (v9-11)
    • God is the creator and sustainer
    • Psalm 19:1 - The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky proclaims the work of his hands.
  • Giving God the glory
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