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Sacrificial Service of the King - Psalm 69:1-18, Titus 2:11-14

September 14th, 2014

Jim South speaks Adam Taylor's sermon on 'Sacrificial Service of the King' (Psalm 69:1-18Titus 2:11-14) at Morning Church and Night Church on the 14th of September 2014.

Sermon outline:
  • Is being a Christian a sacrifice?
  • Sacrifice - the model lived out by Jesus
  • Sacrifice - why follow the model of Jesus?
    1. We belong to him by creation
    2. We belong to him by redemption
    3. All we have is given to us by God
  • Sacrifice - what does it look like?
    1. Giving ourselves to God
    2. Giving ourselves to each other
    3. Giving ourselves to holy living
    4. Giving ourselves to the service of God
    5. Giving ourselves to a life of self-denial
    6. Giving ourselves to martyrdom
  • Sacrifice - where does it end?
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