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Mark: The Passion of Jesus - On His Feet Again - Mark 15:42-16:8 (Easter Sunday Service)

April 24th, 2011

Jim South speaks on 'On His Feet Again' (Mark 15:42-16:8) at the Easter Sunday Services on the 22nd of April 2011.

Sermon outline:

  • Introduction
  • He really did die (15:42-47)
    • Buried by identifiable people
    • Buried in an identifiable place
    • The tomb was deliberately closed
    • What is the point of this?
  • He really did rise again (16:1-8)
    • The return to the tomb
    • The stone had been moved
    • The empty tomb explained
    • All the disciples would see Him alive
  • Importance - 1 Cor 15:17
    • Guarantee that penalty for sin has been fully paid
    • Validates Jesus' claims
    • Foundation for resurrection of believers
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