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Jonah: Jonah 1 - God is…

September 29th, 2013

David Robinson speaks on 'Jonah: Jonah 1 - God is...' (Jonah 1) at Morning Church and Night Church on the 29th of September 2013.

Sermon outline:
  • Intro
    v4-5a – Yahweh hurls a wind on the sea, the sailors call to their gods
    v5b-6 – Jonah sleeps. ‘Call to your God
    v7 – That we might know on whose account
    v8 – The sailors question Jonah
    v9 – ‘I fear
    v10 – The sailors fear
    v11 – The sailors question Jonah
    v12 – I know that it is on my account
    v13-14 – the sailors strive for land. ‘Call to Yahweh
    v15-16 – Sailors hurl Jonah onto the sea, sacrifice to Yahweh
  • ...the God of heaven 
  • ...the God Jonah doesn't really believe in
  • ...the God these sailors meet
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