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Jesus and His Friends - From Fear to Faith - John 14 (am)

March 29th, 2009

A Sermon on John 14 by Steve Judd at Morning Church on the 29th of March 2009.

Sermon Outline:

  • Have you ever had one of those days?
  • Coping with life
  • "The Boat Cruise"
    • Who do you look to when the storm hits?
    • Do you trust in his direction?
  • We live in an uncertain world
  • "Let not your hearts be troubled"
  • Why?
    • Sydney Tower
  • My Father's house has many rooms
  • You will do greater works
  • Ask in his name
  • William Frey
  • Peace I leave you
  • Where is your foundation?
  • Footprints
  • Let us put our trust in God and move forward in faith
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