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Calling God’s Man - Exodus 3-4 (am)

February 21st, 2010

A sermon on Exodus 3-4 by Steve Judd at Morning Church on the 21st of February 2010.

Sermon outline:

  • It's a different day
  • Three things from last week
  • How would you describe Moses?
  • We know the ending
  • God calls Moses
  • Three things about God
    • He cares about his people
    • He doesn't forget his promises
    • He uses people to fulfill his purposes
  • Moses' response
    • How Moses may have felt
    • Are you convicted by God's assurances?
    • "I am who I am" - what's in a name?
    • What if they don't believe me?
    • "Lord, I'm not eloquent!"
    • God's provision
  • What about the Parish of Cranebrook with Castlereagh?
  • What about you?
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